Name: Liz
Location: North Carolina, USA

My name is Liz, and Illumine Artisan Works is my portfolio and blog of my handmade work. I am primarily a fiber and textile artist, having started with knitting and crochet when I was younger, then moving on to spinning, dyeing, screen printing, sewing, and embroidery. I enjoy other crafts mediums as well, such as polymer clay, beading, and wire working, but my first love is fabric. Clothing is a very basic human necessity; to be able to participate in any stage of its creation can feel extremely empowering, but it is also a wonderful, infinite vehicle for creativity and self-expression.

I sometimes like to say that my favorite color is rainbow, which ends up saying a lot about my work. I am very much drawn to bright, bold colors, as well as clean, simple shapes, which is likely a result of my upbringing on cartoons and comic books. I am most often inspired by the things we see as entertaining, fun, and joyful, which is why I often include references to pop culture, games, nature, and food in the things that I make. Making and creating things with my hands is extremely relaxing and fulfilling for me, so drawing on other things that also make me happy just comes naturally.

In addition to crafting and making art, I enjoy playing video games, watching TV shows, and thinking critically about my video games and TV shows.