Cute Leafy Business Card Holder

Happy Wednesday again everyone!

I don’t plan on updating only once a week, it just happens that I haven’t had a lot of interesting crafty-type things going on this week. I made a few more badges, but in general no big news in particular. Soon I’ll be getting back to working on my cosplay and I can talk a bit about that process! I also joined a swap on Craftster where we will be making mug rugs, which are basically both miniature quilts and large coasters. I won’t be going into too much detail in case my partner reads this, but I’ll definitely be sharing once the swap is over!

I do have one thing to share this week! I recently got a coupon for a free fat quarter from Spoonflower for going to their monthly Pins & Needles event (if you are in Durham, NC, you should definitely check it out!) and taking a tour of their offices. I wasn’t exactly sure what I would make with the fabric at first, but after perusing Pinterest I found this cute business card holder pattern that I wanted to make. It was definitely something I needed, as I had just been carrying around the box the cards came with in my purse! Not very handy.




The main fabric is by “watercolor leaves on cream” by su_g, and the accent fabric is something I bought several years ago from Joann Fabrics. The pattern is from here. The one thing it’s missing is something to hold it together, so I think I’ll be adding a little bit of velcro to it soon.

This was a very quick and simple project, and a great warm-up for bigger things ahead!

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#WIPWednesday: My New Toy!

Happy #WIPWednesday everyone!

What I have to share with you isn’t exactly a WIP…it is a bit of an insight into my process, but what I really want to show you is the new toy I got!

Good ol' Sakura Micron pen...and yeah, that's a commemorative Hellow Kitty coin from Tokyo Tower ^^;
Good ol’ Sakura Micron pen…and yeah, that’s a commemorative Hello Kitty coin from Tokyo Tower ^^;

It’s called a Q-Snap! It’s basically an alternative to the traditional embroidery hoop. Instead of stretching your fabric over a hoop and keeping in place with another hoop that fits tightly around it, you put you fabric over top of this pipe-frame and hold it in place with these round snaps. By twisting the snaps towards the back of the work, you can tighten the fabric! I saw someone talking about them on, and then not too long after that saw a few people using them at Pins & Needles at the Spoonflower Greenhouse. As I’ve been getting into sewing more lately, I thought it was about time I checked out the local quilting shop which I haven’t been to in a few years. They had just one of these left in stock, but when I saw it I was pretty sure it was about time for me to invest in one!

I can already tell it’s going to be worlds better than what I was using before. When I first started making my patches, I used a 6-inch embroidery hoop and was able to fit 7 patches on one hoop, but having to mess around with the tension of my fabric constantly was a real drag, and I was worried about keeping all of my pre-drawn circles the correct shape. Then I moved on to using a 3-inch hoop which cut down on my tension problems (since I was only working on one patch at a time) but seriously increased the amount of waste fabric I had leftover. I’ll be able to fit lots more patches onto the Q-Snap frame, and maintaining tension will be much, much easier than with a hoop. Plus, it doesn’t leave marks on your fabric!

As you can see from my picture, I’m just starting to draw the outlines for some more patches, so I haven’t actually gotten a feel for how it handles yet. I’ll keep you posted on what I think of it!

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The Beginning

If you’re here reading this,¬†hello! This is the start to the latest, and hopefully final, in a long line of craft blogs I’ve tried to start. They always seem to peter out eventually, because I find the whole taking pictures of my process and uploading them to the internet and then organizing a post about them thing takes away from actually making stuff. However, as I finally get more serious about showcasing my body of work, I have come to realize that a blog is quite a useful and necessary thing to have. I want to be able to show when I am actively working on things, as well as have a way to talk about my experiences as I venture out into the world of selling my work and participating in community and social events.

This website is a long time coming! I’ve dreamed for over five years now of opening an online shop to sell my handmade items and now I’ve finally made the effort to put it all together. I’ve got my shop opened, I’ve got a beginning inventory, I’ve got a nice logo (I was scared of opening up Photoshop but I finally did it and it wasn’t so bad after all!), I’ve got a website, Facebook, Twitter…business cards! I’ve got business cards! That’s how you know you’re professional.

Super snazzy!
Super snazzy!

Thank you for joining me at the beginning of this journey! I plan on posting here about shop updates, works in progress, tutorials, public appearances, and anything relevant to my life as it pertains to Illumine Artisan Works. See you soon. :)


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