Custom Printed Fabric Labels/Tags

As a fan of all things cutesy and personalized, once I started making my manga covers and putting them on Etsy I realized I really needed some custom fabric tags to sew into them. Branding is important, and considering how tickled I can get about the idea that I can MAKE MY OWN things, there was basically no reason not to!

So once again, I went back to Spoonflower to design and print the perfect tag. A lot of people use them to do this, as they are a cheap (relatively speaking) alternative to custom woven or embroidered tags. If you are working with a high volume of merchandise and want to look¬†really professional, woven/embroidered tags are probably the way to go, but if you only need a few of them and don’t mind a simpler look, having them printed on fabric is definitely a good choice.


As you can see, they aren’t perfect, but they’re pretty darn good! I simply took my logo and pasted it into a Photoshop file to fit an 8×8″ swatch (which you can purchase from Spoonflower for $5 USD) with 1×2″ labels.¬†32 labels for $0.16 each is a pretty good deal for such a small amount, and I really don’t see myself needing many more than this for right now.

Stay tuned to see these in action! The next manga cover I make will have one of these sewn in! Then I’ll really feel professional. :D

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