Venus Love-Me Chain Skater Dress, plus Animazement prep!

The past couple of months have been SUPER busy for me. I got a new job that I am super excited about and love very much, and I’ve also been preparing for Animazement! That’s right, I will be selling at their Artists Alley this year. I honestly can’t wait! It’s my first time ever selling crafts at a public event, so I really don’t know what to expect, but I’m super thrilled that I am finally doing it!

In between getting all my stock prepared, I worked on a few personal projects for the show. The main one being – the Venus Love-Me Chain dress I talked about way back in November! Yep, I finally made the thing. Not too long after I made the fabric design I discovered The Lady Skater dress pattern, and I was in love. It was perfect! It’s the dress I always imagine in my head when I imagine the kinds of dresses I’d like to wear. :) I don’t wear many dresses because my body shape is very hard to fit in store-bought ones, so not only is the shape exactly what I want, but I can customize the fit too!

To start, I wanted to make a “prototype” version first, since I hadn’t worked with knits much before and I didn’t want to go cutting away at my expensive fabric only to ruin it all and have to start over. So I got some basic knit fabric from Joann, a bit on the heavier side, to make a test version with. It went really well! I decided to blend sizes since I am super pear-shaped, and it worked out nicely. Sewing with knits (at least heavier duty ones) is no longer scary to me – my secret is the triple stretch stitch! I only used a long, narrow zig-zag when making my shirt for Super Sonico, and I was displeased with the noticeable puckering at the seams. Triple stretch stitch eliminates that! It is a very sturdy straight stitch still has stretch to it – and I love it. :) The main downside is it eats up a lot of thread! But that’s okay.


I was pleased with how it turned out – definitely didn’t “ruin” the fabric – but I felt that I could do better for the final version. The green dress, while not overly baggy, felt to me like it should fit more snugly, so I decided to go down a size. Originally I was a 6 on top and 8 on bottom, but I changed it to a 5 on top and 7 on bottom. I also shortened the bodice so the waistband would sit where it was intended to and not across my stomach.


You guys – I could NOT be more excited about this dress! I’ve been dreaming about it for months and months, and it turned out just the way I wanted it to. The only issue I have with this one is I decided for some reason to keep the sleeves size 6 because I over estimated how big my arms are, so they’re a bit loose but not deal-breakingly so. I’m also pretty happy with how well I managed to match the fabric pattern between the bodice and the skirt – it’s not perfect, but I actually wasn’t trying to make it perfect (I VERY haphazardly guesstimated when cutting out the skirt pieces), so considering that I’m surprised it turned out as well as it did!

I can’t wait to wear this at Animazement! Speaking of, here’s the lowdown: I don’t know what table I will be at yet (I’ll let you know when they send out assignments), but I WILL be there, selling:

Merit badges. Lots and lots of merit badges.
Manga covers
Hexie earrings
– Prints of my Totoro Mug Rug and my Rainbow Road design

Can’t wait, and I hope to see you there! :)

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